My name is Elizabeth and I'm the writer behind the blog. Apart from blogging I love to make art, take photos of my baby girl, go on coffee dates with my husband, reading, and a whole bunch of other things.

I'm also a growing Christian who came to a revelation mid 2018 that my life was not reflecting a passion or devoted love to God of the bible.

Writing is a talent God gave me, so I wish to use it to proclaim the truth I know to be real to as many people as will listen. Apart from that, I wish to to use my words to help other women who are searching for help, guidance, advice, inspiration, and encouragement. This blog will grow along with me as I continue this journey of life through marriage, parenthood and more.

Welcome to my blog!

If you have inquiries, you can email me at wanderlustandheart@gmail.com until I set up a new email for this blog! Or you can get a hold of me through Instagram messenger at @pursuinglovely.