10 Things That Help During Pregnancy

by - March 02, 2020

While pregnancy is a time of excitement, anticipation and joy, let's face it, it's also a time of yuck! There's nausea, upset stomach, heartburn, stretch marks and more! But that doesn't mean there aren't some simple products, services and items that can help take the edge off and make pregnancy a smoother ride.

Along with sharing what has helped me during my first pregnancy, I have teamed up with a local spa business to throw a giveaway contest! Keep reading until the end for the instructions on how to participate!

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1. Ginger Ale

Upset stomach? Trapped gas? Nausea? You're probably experiencing it all! Ginger Ale is my go-to drink! I wish I had access to it during my first trimester in Egypt, but sadly I had to settle for Sprite. Not the same...But now I'm home in Canada and it's been very useful during the third trimester as well! Ginger tea works well, too, but I find the soda bubbles help move gas along and out of your body, which always brings some relief!

2. Plain crackers

If you've read my First trimester experience, you'll know I found it hard to stomach many foods. You also get hungry more often (partially because you're eating less or puking) and I found having either plain digestive cookies or plain soda crackers near by was great to calmly satisfy hunger and not feel sick afterwards. Tip: keep a pack by your bedside, you never know when you might need to nibble on something in the middle of the night to keep your stomach steady!

3. Ice Cubes

I don't know why, but throughout pregnancy (mostly first and third trimester) ice cubes just make drinking liquids much more enjoyable. Some women, I know, even just eat plain ice cubes to help with morning sickness. Stock your freezer!


Need something effective for heartburn and really upset stomach? Tums is your answer. Try to take it when you first feel signs of upset stomach. Based on experience, they don't do much once you are in the middle of full-fledged chest-burning heartburn. But do let your doctor know if you're having to take a lot of tums, because they can prescribe something stronger that won't potentially cause constipation. These are my favourite flavour, and I personally think the smoothie ones also have the best texture. Not so dry and chalky!

5. Body Pillow

Now, I don't have a fancy body pillow, in fact it's really just my standard queen-sized pillow, but it does the trick. Since my husband doesn't use his to sleep, I grab his as well if I need to. I haven't invested in a maternity pillow because of how much space it takes on the bed. But I have heard of other moms who couldn't have survived without one! I use mine to help my shoulders stay aligned, rather than pinching them inward when I lay on my side. This leads to awful neck and shoulder pain! Napping and sleeping well is so crucial to feeling well and fighting against pregnancy fatigue!

Post Edit: During the last month of my pregnancy I started using a breastfeeding pillow as a body pillow because it had more structure. I think I wish I had used it earlier or got a smaller body pillow! That extra support was very essential those last several weeks because by then, you're struggling to get a good night's sleep!

6. Ovia App

If there was one thing I looked forward to on a weekly basis was watching the weekly video Ovia shares as you countdown to baby. Each video gives you updates and insights as to what you should be expecting to happen during that week of pregnancy and how baby is developing. While you can know the actually numbers of approximately how big baby is, it also has the option to compare baby's size to fruits and veggies, or pastries and other options. There are many other features, such as the community questions, calendar, and symptom tracker. This was my constant companion from beginning of pregnancy!

7. Massages

Now, if your hubby is particularly good at giving you massages, great! If not, I highly recommend getting a prenatal massage! You won't believe the muscles that will tense up as your body changes and you put on weight. Not to mention the pressure on your feet! I had one done at Thermëa for my birthday, and it was incredible!

8. Bio Oil

I wish I had this during my pregnancy...because I get stretch marks like nobody's business! I used other butter creams and aloe while pregnant, but now I'm post partum and I finally discovered Bio Oil! It does help, even post partum, but I know it probably would have saved my skin more if I used it during pregnancy. Not making that mistake again!

9. Water Bottle

It's so important to stay hydrated while you're pregnant. It's good for you and baby. When you reach the third trimester you will find yourself feeling VERY thirsty! Having a water bottle or two in the spaces you find yourself the most in will make it very nice and convenient to hydrate yourself. If you tire of water, try adding fruit slices like lemon, cucumber or strawberries. Usually I like mine packed with ice cubes!

10. Lavender Oil

Chances are you will get sore muscles somewhere along the way. Maybe it's sore feet, sore back, sore shoulders or maybe calves. If you're like me, it's all the above! I use lavender oil to massage into my skin, I even massage it into my stretch marks! The soothing lavender helps you to relax and feel a bit pampered for all the work you're doing growing a baby!

As a sort of bonus, something that really helped me during pregnancy was talking to my doctor. Believe it or not, there are A LOT of misconceptions out there regarding all sorts of things related to pregnancy. The best thing is to bring any and all concerns to your personal doctor or OBYG. They will know your medical history, your test results and overall know what facts and data apply to you or not.

Do you have a simple item or life-changing product that helped you during pregnancy? Maybe a hack you discovered and tried out? Which of these did you end up using for your pregnancy? Let me know in the comments below!

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