Unique Christian Baby Girl Names

by - March 25, 2019

Maybe it's because I love languages, meanings and translations, but I've always been interested in the meaning of names and where they came from. Growing up being exposed to the Bible also made me aware of how important a name's meaning was. And I loved that my name was Elizabeth!

So when I became pregnant, I felt I wanted to honour God in some way through my baby's name. But when I looked for Biblical names I came across the most well-known and well-used names like Sara, Rachel and Mary.

Not only were most of these names out of fashion these days, but well used. So I got creative, and I'll explain at the end of the blog post how my daughter got her name.

So here are names for girls that are from the bible that are not as typical, as well as names that have a biblical meaning or symbol behind it that you probably didn't know.

20 Unique Girl Names with Biblical Meanings

1 - Adah
Everyone knows Eve, but do you know the second woman mentioned in the bible? I certainly didn't until I started doing this research! This cute short, yet almost modern-sounding name means "ornament" in Hebrew.

2. Ariella
The "ella" sounding names are making a strong come back, and this one means "lioness of God." The variant form "Ariel" is another name for Jerusalem, and specifically the altar in the Holy Temple (Ezekiel 43:15)

3. Celeste
What could be a more "heavenly" name? Jesus preached a great deal on the Kingdom of Heaven, and we are to remember that earthly gain counts for nothing.

4- Charity
I feel like Trinity and Faith are the most popular puritan names, but Charity is both lovely and a little more under the radar. It's also quite trendy, especially after "The Greatest Showman" was released. Charity is synonymous with "love for others", which Jesus modeled for us.

5 - Christabel
This beautiful name means "fair Christian" and is a wonderful alternative to the popular names Christine or Isabel. I would totally use the pet name "Chrissiebel"!

6 - Daniella
Similar-sounding to the pretty name 'Diana' and again has the 'elle/ella' ending that we love these days. This is the female version of Daniel, they both mean "God is my Judge" in the original Hebrew. 

7 - Elisha
Originally a boy name, more people are naming their girls this. I personally think it crosses over way better than Noah or Ezra as a girl name. You could go for the modern spelling of Alicia, but I like the idea of having the nickname "Ellie".

8. Gabriella
Again, taking the female version of a fairly popular boy name. Gabriel means "God is my strength" which is such a wonderful and powerful truth of the Christian faith! Gabby is the obvious nickname choice.

9. Holly
This plant has become a recognizable symbol of Christmas. Do you know the reason? Holly berries are white and red, and this has become associated to Jesus's pure and sinless life and the blood he shed, both elements of the great exchange of salvation. What a beautiful name and symbol!

10. Ivy
Another plant name, and also really high on my list if we have another girl! This plant represents 'faithfulness', how lovely is that?

11 - Joy
A state of contentment, no matter the situation. We often confuse 'joy' with 'happiness' but they are not the same thing. Joy is a fruit of the spirit. It is a sort of happiness that rests in the truth of God's word, rather than on circumstance. Short, sweet and deep. What more could you want in a name?

12 - Judith 
Esau had a wife named Judith, and there is one other in the Bible. It is Hebrew for "Woman of Judea". You can give the nick name Judy, or when they're really young 'juju'!

13 - Lillian/Lily
Traditionally a symbol of devotion and humility, the lily flower is the inspiration for this name. It is also a much, much nicer meaning than the name Lilith... The "L" sound is really popular, and this name is fairly loved right now.

14 - Mercy
I love this name. It's not very popular, and might be better as a middle name. But with names like 'Darcy' floating around for girls, Mercy is not all that out-land-ish or peculiar, and it has the most beautiful meaning in the Christian faith!

15 - Natalie -
Or as the Russians say, Natalia. You won't find this directly in the bible, but it comes from the same root word as "Nativity". Yup, Natalie means "Christmas Day"!

16 - Sarai
A slight Irish twist on the ever classical and popular Hebrew name Sara. Means 'princess'.

17 - Patience
Another puritan virtue name that is actually really pretty and definitely rare. You could even give your girl the pet name "Patty". I love this virtue because it is one we usually lack, and yet we are reminded often of God's loving and long-suffering patience with us.

18 - Phoebe
This Greek name means 'radiant' or 'shining one'. Paul mentions her in the book of Romans and it shows that she was a prominent woman of the faith since Paul trusted her with his letters. Not a bad role model to name your daughter after!

19 - Susanne/Susannah
The Hebrew word for the lily flower is actually 'Susannah'! So if you love the flower and what it symbolizes, but want a more historical name, then Susanne or Susannah is the perfect choice! Not to mention that 'Susie' is a lovely nickname!

20 - Shiloh
How adorable is this name? Typically used as a boy name, but passes as a cute name for a girl too. It is Hebrew for 'tranquil'. Wouldn't it be nice to have a nice tranquil baby girl?

Why We Named Our Daughter "Laurie"

Story time! Wayne and I couldn't agree on a name almost my whole pregnancy! I was 32 weeks when I decided to throw the suggestion of "Lowri". This is the name of a girl-friend I made while living in France. I always thought her name was unique and sounded nice, and to my surprise, my husband liked it too!

(Side note: we did have a general rule that we didn't want to name our kids after anyone in the family, or to have the same name of someone we knew, but since we had such a hard time agreeing on a name, we bent this rule a bit.)

But then I began to panic slightly, because we finally found a name we both liked, but I wasn't sure of the meaning. A meaning that I didn't like would be a complete deal-breaker.

The name Lowri is the Welsh spelling for the more common Lori. It comes from the word Laurel, so it's a nature name that simply refers to the Laurel tree. Not too exciting. BUT! I did some digging to see if the Laurel tree had any symbolic meaning. I was very happy with what I found.

Laurel leaves were used in ancient times to make crowns of victory, usually for military conquest or sporting events. Caesar is usually depicted as wearing one. Since this is the same time period as the Early Church, the verses that speak of being "crowned in victory" in salvation, the early Christians of the Roman world would have thought of the laurel crown as a visual symbol.

Bingo. I changed the spelling to the French way (because of my love for all things French!), and paired it with the middle name Grace. Very popular, but I didn't care. Laurie Grace combined means Victory in Christ who saves by grace.

And that is how we picked our baby girl's name.

What names stood out to you from the list above? What names do you love but your husband hates? How did you pick your children's names? Let me know in a comment down below!

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