7 Things That Surprised Me During Pregnancy

by - November 08, 2018

Before any girl gets pregnant, we already know some things that come with pregnancy. The cravings, the mood swings, the relentless urge to pee, etc. But there are a great many things that happen during pregnancy that no one really tells you about. True, every pregnancy experience varies from one person to another. But there were some things that happened to me that I found out afterwards (after checking on Google to make sure it was normal) was fairly common.

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1. Snoring

If you thought having to pee all the time and gaining baby weight were the least glamorous parts of pregnancy, you were wrong. You might already be saying "I'm not a snorer!" Well, if you aren't yet, you might become one! In the last trimester of pregnancy, your body will swell up with even more fluids, which can cause pressure in your nasal cavity. My husband had to get ear plugs in order to get some sleep those last weeks of my pregnancy! Good news is, it's not permanent. It take a couple of weeks, but to my husband's relief, I have gone back to my normal sleeping sounds!

2. Non Hair Growth

It is fairly spread around that pregnancy is supposed to make women's hair grow more lucious and thick. Well, my hair did get thicker, but like a few other moms I've met, my hair actually stopped growing, lengthwise, almost completely! It didn't dawn on me until I saw a picture of myself just a couple months prior to getting pregnant and realized my hair was maybe only an inch or two longer during my whole pregnancy. Hair growth in other areas of the body, however, did occur...

3. The Mom Line

More formally known as "la linea nigra". Not all moms get this. My mom didn't and neither did my sister in laws. I think it's a non-white girl thing, but I was glad to find out I'm not the only one who has this dark line running up my abdomen. There's no clear reason why this happens, but it is due to the same hormones that cause our armpits and nipples to get darker.

4. Pregnancy Brain

I didn't even know the term 'pregnancy brain' until I was at least in my second trimester. I didn't experience it, however, until the third trimester. I'm not sure what causes it, since I'm sleeping more and generally taking it easy. Either way, you may find you have some moments during your pregnancy where your brain stops working. For instance, when I was making rice, after I poured rice into the rice cooker, instead of pouring water into the rice cooker as well, I put it into the rice container. Bye bye rice.

5. The Pregnancy  "Glow" May Take a While

Or you may never really get it at all. Honestly, during my first trimester, most people wouldn't have ever chosen the words "glowing" to describe me. So don't be disappointed if you get pregnant and realize it isn't quite as magical as you thought it would be, or at least not in the way you hoped or imagined.

6. Testing Positive for Strep B

First of all, this is nothing to be scared of. At least 30% of women test positive for Strep B, a bacteria in your lady parts that is completely harmless to you. It can, however, be harmful to baby. Not to worry, your doctor will talk to you about this, but basically when you go into labour and are admitted into the hospital, you will be given antibiotics through an IV that will protect baby from the bacteria as they come out.

7. Crazy Dreams

I had some of the weirdest and most vivid dreams while pregnant. Unfortunately they were always kind of nightmare-ish. I wish I could remember at least one to give an example, but they always took some element in real life and then twisted it by bringing different timelines together and random people.

These are the things that took me by surprise during my pregnancy. Even though I did a lot of reading, used my Ovia app and talked with other moms. Somehow I didn't get a fair warning about these occurrences. You can read about all the other pregnancy symptoms I experienced throughout the firstsecond and third trimesters!

What did you experience during pregnancy that you didn't expect to happen?


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