What to Pack For Hospital Bag - Mom & Dad Check List

by - October 24, 2018

At 38 weeks, I wanted to be as ready as possible for baby's arrival. Using a checklist, I made sure either myself or my husband could remember any last minute stuff to throw in before we head off to meet baby girl!

Now before I show you what I am packing, here are some things to take into consideration as you pack yours!

Things to Consider when packing Your Hospital Bag

  1. Birth Plan - Do you know if you're, overall, expected to have a natural and uncomplicated birth? Or has your doctor already suggested that you will need a cesarean? The more complicated of a birth you are expecting, the longer you will be at the hospital. Granted, no one knows the future. But if you already have a heads up that you will likely spend more than one night, then pack accordingly.

  2. Proximity - How close do you live to your registered hospital? The further you live, the harder it will be to send someone to go back to fetch you something. So you may have to be extra prepared.

  3. Who Is Coming With You - Whether it's your husband, mother, sister, or friend, if you have one or two people that you plan to have by your side for the duration of your labour, be mindful of their needs. Ask them if they'd like some snacks packed, a book or tablet. Bring an extra charger or extension maybe.

  4. Health Care - Depending on what country you live in and what kind of health care you have, the hospital may or may not supply some things for you. Talk to your doctor and other moms to know what that might look like for you!

What Bag I Use

First off, I want to talk about the bag I used. This is my precious Samsonite Pro-DLX 4 carry-on. It is slightly wider than the norm, and has the ability to expand even wider! A zip up flap keeps the two halves separate, with little compartments on the inside as well as pockets on the outside. It glides smoothly and overall is a great quality bag that I love for travel!

Since baby is the last person we will be reaching in this bag for, I chose the zip compartment to keep baby's stuff. That way, my husband and I can reach for our things without hassle and messing up the organization.

What to Pack for Baby

  • 1-2 new born onesies
  • 1-2 pairs of mittens
  • 1 sleeper
  • hat
  • socks
  • receiving blanket
  • 2 swaddle blankets
  • 1 burp cloth
  • 3 newborn diapers
  • wipes
  • nail clippers/file (optional, but recommended if you're overdue!)
  • pacifier

What to Pack for Mommy

Each mommy is a little different. While a lot of these are basics, there's a handful of things on this list that I want to bring, personally. For example, as much as I love to read, I know I won't be able to in a situation like this. But maybe you're already in the middle of a book, and it's the perfect distraction while labour moves along! Also, you might not give two squats about makeup, but I just happen to care about whether I look half-dead in pictures and when visitors come! Up to you, mama! Personalize your list to suit your needs and personality. Also, just a side note, I plan to bring my purse to contain the important basic things. Wallet, phone, lip gloss, sunglasses, and documents!

    • Extra underwear (preferably simple granny-panties)
    • Nursing pads (in case you leak!)
    • Ultra thick pads (some ladies prefer depends)
    • toothbrush and toothpaste
    • deodorant
    • hair brush
    • hair ties, bands & pins
    • change of clothes (preferably something comfy for when you leave)
    • PJs (just in case)
    • slippers (a lot of women are encouraged to walk around in the hospital)
    • socks
    • phone charger
    • robe/dressing gown (for those walks or when visitors come)
    • makeup & toiletries (I just want basic makeup to cover up my natural dark circles and not look like a zombie post-labour!)
    • nursing pillow (great for just an extra pillow to prop up on)

What to Bring for Daddy

Maybe you have someone else as your support during labour. It could be your sister, mother, or grandmother. For me, my husband wanted to be in the room every step of the way, and I love him for it! I also had my mom but only during the last few hours. If you're bringing the hubby along, here are some things he will need and appreciate:

  • shorts
  • change of clothes
  • hoodie
  • pillow
  • phone charger
  • camera
  • camera charger
  • snacks
  • headphones
  • bluetooth speaker
  • shaving stuff
  • toiletries

That's everything I'm packing! Once I go through the labour and hospital experience I may update this, but I think this is a good list for someone who has never been in labour before. We first time moms can't help but want to be just a little extra prepared as we venture into the unknown!

Are you starting to pack your hospital bag soon? What did you pack the first time around? Is there something particular you regret you packed or something you wish you had at the time? Let us know down below!

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