Third Trimester - My Pregnancy Journey

by - October 21, 2018

It won't be long into your third trimester that you will start missing some aspects of the second trimester! And, while the third trimester might be just as bad as the first, the anticipation and excitement of baby is at an all time high!

The hardest part of describing the third trimester is the fact that it is a total roller coaster ride of symptoms that come and go. And it's hard to know how long the symptoms will last and when, or if, they will come back.

Still, there are some typical things you will likely go through that I've listed below. I do my best to offer ways to help deal and alleviate the discomfort, but be sure to always consult your healthcare provider.

Also, I'm featuring some shots from our maternity shoot in the snow! The photos turned out beautiful, thanks to our incredible photographer Neffi Bergen! Perfect winter-y shoot for a winter baby! Alright, let's get started.

Less Energy

Not sure which is worse. First trimester tiredness or third trimester tiredness. They are very similar. So don't be surprised if you feel the strong urge to nap in the middle of the day or sleep in an extra hour or two! Your baby is getting closer and closer to their full height and weight every week, so you need the rest!

Trouble Sleeping

I do not like sleeping on my side, so it was a hard transition for me to exclusively sleep on my left or right side. Also, forget sleeping on your right side right away, because acid reflux will be a constant companion! I usually have to wait a few hours into the night before my stomach has settled enough for me to switch sides. To help with the discomfort and pressure of a growing belly, I started using my Jolly Jumper nursing pillow as a body pillow. I would have one arm between my legs for hip/pelvic support and the other under and along my belly.


Again, I've been pretty lucky in that I've rarely had constipation during my pregnancy. But when I did get it in the third trimester, it sucked! I don't know what triggered it, because I only got it twice. Once for about a week, and again for a few days. If you get it, talk to your doctor. At first they will likely suggest natural ways to deal with it. Obviously make sure you are drinking enough fluids. Foods you can try are blueberries and prunes. Even if you really don't like prunes, try to eat just 3 with maybe some milk. If you don't see any improvement or bowel movement for at least 4 days, your doctor might prescribe a stool softener.

REALLY Bad Heartburn

Ok, yes, I still think I had the worst bout of heartburn in the second trimester when it first appeared, but it can be very persistent and strong in the third! Granted, by the time I was in my last weeks of pregnancy, it settled down to be much more mild. I even reduced my prescription from two pills to just one with maybe a Tums or two throughout the day.

Emotional & Moody

You don't want to be around me when I'm grumpy and pregnant! Also, I cried at least once a week. Sometimes because I was genuinely upset about something, but most of the times I was simply overwhelmed with emotion. Heart-felt videos, watching labour vlogs, or just thinking about holding my baby girl was usually enough to set off some water works. It's perfectly fine! Try not to take out any grumpiness on others, but hopefully people around you are understanding that you're not entirely at fault, what with hormones and the symptoms.

Body Aches & Pains

As your body prepares for the birth, you will feel all kinds of weird and sometimes painful sensations. One day you will wake up and realize that you don't walk anymore, you waddle! Your hips and pelvic region will get sore and achy, your lower back and abdomen might feel some Braxton Hicks contractions, your feet and legs will swell up some more - oh joy! If you start getting very sore muscles, try heat pads, maybe a Tylenol, or you might even need a chiropractor. See what your doctor suggests!

Feeling HUGE

The last month, in particular, every day actions become significantly more difficult and uncomfortable. I even found that all my maternity clothes were tight! While people are always around to help, it can be a bit annoying to ask for help to put your shoes on, to get up, to tie your shoes, and just being dependent for simple things.

The Highs of the Third Trimester

Feeling Baby A LOT

This can be both a high and kind of a low as well, depending on how active your baby is. But it is so much fun to see baby roll over and feel those cute hiccups more pronounced. While it might not be as fun to start feeling the foot, bum or elbow poking out of your belly, it is fascinating and exciting to know baby is just about done cooking! While my baby girl could give me a hard time with her foot on my side and boney bum poking out, I tried to record every time she started really moving, because soon enough that baby will be out and about in the world!

Putting Together the Final Touches

Arrange the onsies, get the crib or bassinet in place, have the hospital bag ready. There are so many things that you can get done in the final weeks to keep you active when you probably just want to lay in bed. This can also help keep you positive as those emotional hormones start rising again. Take the last few weeks to really enjoy this special chapter in your life. I know, once that due date starts approaching you probably can't wait to meet your little one already!

The Arrival

When those contractions hit, or when you're induced, or when your water breaks, that's it. Pregnancy as you know it is over, and labour has begun! I will share my birth story soon, but for now I can say it is an experience unlike any other. Not going to lie, I do occasionally miss being pregnant! Guess that means more kids in my future! The moment you hold your baby is probably one that you have been dreaming about for quite some time now, well fret not. That time will come before you know it!

My pregnancy journey has come to an end. It is bittersweet, but greater things are coming! I still have some more pregnancy related topics I'd like to share and talk about, so stay tuned for those! Also, very excited to get my birth story down in writing so I can hold on to the memories of it forever.

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If you have just started your pregnancy journey, don't hesitate to check out my other trimester experiences along with any other pregnancy-related topics up on the blog! Questions? Comments? Let me know down below!

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