Things We Forget To Pack

by - October 18, 2018

Just when you think you've got this whole travelling and packing thing down to a science, you mess up. Nothing huge, but you can't help but shake your head and face palm yourself. Or maybe you do get just a bit exasperated. These moments usually happen to me when I realize I have forgotten to pack something fairly important. Not passports, money, or underwear, but still something you would really like to have and need during your trip.

I decided to make a list of all the little things that travellers, like myself, have forgotten during several trips, in hopes that you, dear travellers, will not make these silly mistakes.
ALSO, at the end of the blog post there is a small gift for you guys! Stay tuned.

Beauty and Hygiene:

It is far from the end of the world if you forget something in this category. But it is annoying to have to spend a few euros or dollars to replace it. Then to figure out if it's worth putting in your luggage to bring back. Don't forget these things:

  • Bobby pins - SO useful! Not that easy to find in touristy areas

  • Toothpaste - sure you can buy one in a market, but depending on where you are going it might be several hours before you get your hands on a tube!

  • Sunglasses - especially brand ones!

  • Hairbrush - do you really want to own TWO hair brushes?...

  • Tampons - you do NOT want to forget these when going to SE Asia, you may not find them readily accessible

  • Deodorant - if you are like me, you are picky about what kind of deodorant you like and works for you

  • Razor - I have forgotten this twice! And my husband doesn't pack one for short trips!


This category can cause a heart attack if you rely on technology to record the experience, particularly cameras. Double check for these items before you take off:

  • Extra memory card

  • Charged battery - always take time to charge everything up the night before!

  • Cellphone - ok, mini story: I left my phone in my apartment, walked to the bus station that would take me to the airport, realized I forgot it, ran back, got it. Only to end up leaving it on the bus by accident...*double face palm*

  • Charger - for laptop, camera or phone, it's not fun having to replace it, and you usually don't notice you forgot it until your battery is almost dead

  • Plug Adapter - BIG no no when going abroad!

  • Waterproof camera - twice we have gone to a beach-type location and wished we brought our underwater camera!


It seems like even if you double check your bag, you always forget at least one item when you're in transit and, most likely, in a rush!

  • Running shoes/sneakers - very handy for good walking and hiking shoes

  • Bras - it is one of those daily things you wear without thinking, and it can be easy to slip your mind. Yes, this has happened...

  • Sunglasses -this is a nightmare to forget and you're going somewhere sunny and you have a pair of Raybans back home!

  • PJ's - again, something you use everyday and don't really think about as you plan your travels, but super sad to forget!

  • Extra socks - don't underestimate how quickly you'll go through socks when walking around everywhere!

  • Flip Flops - is you are staying in a hostel, this is a MUST have. Do not go into public showers barefoot. Ever.

Other Useful Items:

Sometimes there is a really handy hack to help you while on the go or in a foreign land, like these:

  • Laundry bag - very useful for long trips. Doesn't have to be fancy, but something to prevent the smell from spreading

  • Corkscrew/bottle opener - careful not to pack a Swiss knife, but a corkscrew can be helpful if you buy a bottle of wine on a romantic picnic

  • Hand sanitizer - when there is no washroom in sight!

  • Basic First Aid - a band-aid, a bandage, or mosquito bite cream can make a situation much more bearable until it passes or you get to a clinic

  • Tide To-Go - any portable spot or stain remover is particularly useful when you have limited wardrobe!

  • Bounce sheet - anything you can use to stick in your bag and make your clothes smell nice is useful for long trips.

I really could go on, as there are countless occasions and stories of travellers forgetting one thing or another. One thing they all have in common, is that the person usually didn't have a checklist to help them out.

Avoid Forgetful Packing Mishaps

I don't know about you, but I'm very much a visual person and I like to keep a physical checklist to help me remember things, especially when it comes to packing. While I have a checklist app on my phone where you can create a list, sometimes it's hard to think of all the things you will want to bring on a trip. There have been some trips where I realize later 'oh man, I wish I brought such-in-such' or maybe the opposite, I think 'We really didn't need this thing-y'.

To avoid that, and to combine my love (read: need) for aesthetically pleasing visuals, I have designed and created a travel checklist print out, and I'm sharing it with you!

I made a Basic Travel Items that you will need on just about any trip you go on, click below to download it for FREE!

If you think this could be helpful to you, feel free to use it!

Don't forget to check out my Packing for Europe posts for more packing and outfit tips and advice specific for your season of travel!

By the way, I've had some people ask me about the bag in the pictures. It's from ALDO, fall season of 2015. If you want a similar style bag for a good deal, I found one on Amazon that is very similar! I personally like the pink one, though the black looks practical. Below are some other alternatives of varying budgets as well.

Speaking of lists, check out these 15 Travel Mistakes to avoid in your future travels for a smoother trip and holiday!

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