Gender Reveal Party On a Budget

by - October 26, 2018

I debated back and forth whether to have a gender reveal party, but ultimately I knew it would be a fun and wonderful time! We wanted to be able to tell as many close relatives in person as possible as well as some friends that we haven't been able to see much since we moved back from Egypt. Overall, we just really wanted to share this exciting piece of news with the people we cared about!

We managed to pull off a party for 20 people for under 150$! I'll walk you through the different areas and what we did to have a cute, backyard gender reveal party.


Because it's summertime, we knew an outdoor party would be ideal! We Canadians relish every last drop of summer. While we could have opted to rent out a shelter at a park, my parents have a large backyard with a deck and patio that could easily fit all of the guests. Not to mention close and reliable bathroom facilities, a kitchen, and indoor emergency space should the weather turn unexpectedly!

So, for location we spent 0$. If you don't have enough space yourself, ask family or friends who would be willing to host the party instead!


Fortunately, a gender reveal party means the theme is relatively simple. Besides the obvious Pink & Blue theme, I also opted for a Country Garden & Lace theme to complement our outdoor location. My parents had an old chalkboard from IKEA that I pulled from the garage, as well as the backdrop stand we used for our wedding as two major pieces of decor.

At the dollar store, I got:

  • 6 rolls of 6 feet fabric rolls with different patterns (each 3$),
  • 3 chalk board signs (2$ each),
  • package of pink and blue balloons (1$ each)
  • A roll of burlap fabric (3$)
  • sticky note pads in pink and blue (1$)
  • Pink and blue ribbon (1.50$ each)
  • Two table clothes (3$ each)

Other decor I got for free by rummaging around were clothes pins, pink & blue paint, paint brushes and chalk.

Lastly, we bought some flowers at Safeway for 14$.

With taxes, we spend a good 55$ in total for the decorations. This could be cut down if you happen to have a lot of pink and blue craft and decor pieces already, or know someone you can borrow from!


Because I wanted this party to be fairly casual, as well as easy on the pocket, we chose to make it a Potluck party! Not only does this cut down on cost, but it is easier to have enough food for the amount of people that come. Also, let's face it, there are family and friends we know that have specialty dishes that we would just love to have at the party!

With this in mind, we prepared 1 dessert, 1 main dish and took care of drinks. I got most of my ideas from Pinterest!

The main dish was Meatball Sliders. All we needed was meatballs, marinara sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, and 2 packages of buns.

For dessert I made mini Caramel Apples. Since my parents have an apple tree with more apples than they knew what to do with, I researched some apple-related desserts and thought caramel apples would be so delicious, cute and a great summer treat! Note: they did not turn out great since my caramel sauce (after several attempts to remedy) was simply too runny to really stick to the apples, but they were still yummy!

For drinks we had berry punch and pink lemonade, as well as lemon water. Because it was a very hot summer day, we also bought some ice and ice cream!

The party hits were the meatball sliders (yay!), my mother in law's spinach dip and my sister in law's amazing cupcakes! But honestly, everything that was brought was enjoyable.

In total we spent 50$ on food and drink.

There was plenty of food to go around, and a handful of left overs. No one went hungry!


Once again, we went to the dollar store to purchase a few supplies. We scored when we found a party package of paper plates and napkins that were buried in the pantry! So all we got from Dollarama were:

  • paper straws (to help tie in the paper plates which were multi-coloured)

  • plastic cups

  • toothpicks

  • BBQ skewers (for the mini caramel apples)

In total we spent another 10$ at Dollarama.


We decided to do the balloons in a box reveal. My husband got a box from work, and I re-used some of the pink and blue paint mentioned earlier. All we had to buy for the reveal box was the wrapping paper (to help tie in the theme) and helium balloons. The wrapping paper was from the dollar store, and we went to Safeway for the helium balloons (since Party Stuff doesn't open until 10...) . I am especially happy with how the box turned out!

In total the reveal box, with supplies from Dollarama and Safeway balloons, cost 20$.

So, our total costs came to 135$, and it was a lovely time! The preparation was slightly stressful, but once the guests came and everything got rolling, we had a great time chatting up and enjoying each other's company. As for the reveal, I think this photo of my husband's face says it all!

Have you done a gender reveal party? What was it like? Do you plan on doing one? Do you have any questions about ours? Let me know in the comments below! Stay tuned for more baby-preparation coming soon! I will be venturing down the path of baby registries, and I plan to make a handy list of useful must-have items that will be helpful for every mommy-to-be! Also, only 3 more weeks until I start my third trimester!

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