Embracing Our Female Biblical Roles

by - October 26, 2018

Any time I came across a passage in the Bible that talked about women submitting, or being of a quite and soft character, I would skip over it in a huff.

Then one day I read a Christian blogger say "If you come across something in the Bible that upsets you, that is the area you have to work on." And it hit me. I was fighting against the role of women as God intended. I was holding on to the more fiery, out-spoken and independent idea of woman I had grown to love.

The Wordly Female

Every day, society tells us what they think the role of women is, through movies, songs, pop culture, magazines, universities and talk shows. It is barrage of erroneous messages and standards.

The idea of being a homemaker, a stay at home mom, gentle and quiet, or to get married young is often ridiculed or seen as offensive to the modern world.

The fact is, in growing popularity, the traditional and biblical role of women as wives and mothers is seen as lesser. And it is hurting, confusing and stressing young Christian women. Because we are continually bombarded night and day with what the spirit of the world says which is in complete opposition is the truth of God.

So what is a Christian woman to do? Turn to the Word.

I knew I had to radically change my perspective of what a woman is supposed to be. In earnest, I asked, begged, God to change my heart and mind so that I could be the wife and mother He called me to be. And so I dug into scripture, read books and listened to sermons and podcasts galore to wash away all the worldly ideas of womanhood I had. The truth set me free!

So what is the role of the Christian woman according to the Bible?

Role of Women

Basic Reminders

Before we get into specifics, let's remember the basic truths we should remember:
  1. We are loved by a holy God who wishes to redeem us.
  2. We are saved by the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  3. When we repent and turn to Jesus as Lord, we receive a new spirit and a new nature.
  4. Our ultimate purpose is to glorify and serve God with all our heart, mind and strength.
  5. God created woman to be in equal VALUE to man, not equal in role.
As Christians, we know God defines everything because He created everything! And here is what the Bible has to say about our role as women.


1. A Helper - In the original Aramaic the word God uses to call his creation of woman was 'helper'. It is the SAME word used to describe GOD when he is referred to as Israel's helper, so it's not an insignificant role by any means! (Genesis 2 :18-24) 

Until a woman is married, though, she is to still act in this role by being a helper in her home (if she lives with her parents), in her church and in any ministry she is able and willing to work in. We see many women helping and ministering in different ways in the early church of the New Testament. But Proverbs 31 shows us that this can also be through side hustles and businesses!

2. A Picture of the Gospel- The way man and woman complement each other is to reveal a larger picture of God's image, or character. Men show certain characteristics of God, and women show others, which is why mankind is known as the image bearers of God.

3. Mother - We as women have been equipped to carry out the common day miracle of life! And unlike the common thought of the day, the Bible teaches that children are a blessing and reward.  (Psalm 127:3-5, Psalm 127:3

*And here is a note to any woman who has had a miscarriage: You may not have been able to carry your child through to birth, but God used YOUR womb to create a person with an eternal soul, and that person could not have existed without YOU.

4. A Primary Influencer - Did you know there's a much more important kind of influencer than the kinds you see on Instagram? It goes without saying that the role a father in the lives of their children is foundation. That being said, the mother, the woman of the house, influence their children more in the day-to-day life. (Proverbs 1:8-9, 6:20-22)

5. A Nurturer - Women have this nurturing and gentle instinct. Not only with children, but with those who are needy and vulnerable in general. We see examples of nurturing mothers throughout the Bible.

Hannah is one of my favourite, and we are told that when she gave birth to Samuel, she refused to leave him to do her regular trips to Jerusalem with her husband. She was firmly dedicated to raising and nurturing her son during those early and crucial years.

6. A Home Manager - Running a house-hold is a huge role for women. I truly believe this is why God designed the female mind to be so good as juggling multiple categories and multitasking. We are basically the secretaries; the personal assistants, if you will. We keep track of time tables, events, stock, supplies, etc. (Again...Proverbs 31 really drives this home!)

7. A Gospel Teacher - Whether it's reading bible stories with your children, challenging them to memorize verses, or praying with them, we are the primary teachers of our children. This is part of the Great Commission. Our children need to hear the gospel and become disciples of Jesus just as much as anyone else we know.

8. A Trainer of Women -  As we gain life experience and get older, we are to teach younger women. As the Bible shows, love is not merely an emotion but an ACTION. So we are to teach and train the next generation of women to do the tasks necessary to show show their love as mothers and wives and followers of Christ. (Titus 2:3-5)

READ MORE: In another blog post, I talk about the Characteristics of a Godly Woman, which is based on the roles God created us to act in. Please continue over there to understand even more about what a Biblical woman looks like!

A great resource that digs into what Scripture says about godly women is John MacArthur's book "God's High Calling for Women", highly recommend!

HEAR MORE: As if by providence, Lauren over at She Proves Faithful, recently released a podcast about Femininity and Masculinity: the roles of men and women. Take a listen for further insight! She is lovely!

I hope you are encouraged and challenged in some way today. Please share your thoughts, comments, questions or concerns down below. I would love to hear your responses!

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